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7.62 Ammunition Feed Chute

Stock Number: Ammo Feed Chute
Ammunition feed chutes are used on a variety of 7.62 x 51 gun systems to deliver linked ammunition from an ammo box to the gun quickly and efficiently. Our 7.62 NATO feed chutes are designed to be strong, durable, flexible and user-friendly. A high-strength polymer body is used as the main structure of the feed chute links. Coated stainless steel inside the links guides the linked 7.62 x 51 ammunition smoothly through the ammunition feed chute assembly. The feed chute can develop a 4.5-inch inside radius or a 9.5-inch flat fan radius. Our user-friendly design allows the user to service or adjust the ammunition feed chute quickly and easily. The ammunition feed chute has been tested extensively on a variety of platforms, including helicopters and ground vehicles. Available with standard clip-on bayonet lugs and latch-assembly ends.

Available in any length desired such as 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot, etc.

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